Over 50 Cub Scouts came together last week for a special event to launch the new edition of their Environmental Conservation Activity badge.

Now sponsored by The Salvation Army's Recycle with Michael initiative - which works with children to divert thousands of tonnes of unwanted clothing and shoes away from landfill - the badge actively encourages Cub Scouts to get involved in environmental conservation in their daily lives.

The giant piece of art spanned nearly 2,500 sq ft, took over 5 hours to complete, and was made using clothes, shoes, and bedding which was generously donated by the attending Cubs and representatives from Scout Head Quarters. The clothes were then shipped off to the Salvation Army's sorting office where they will either be recycled or distributed to the charity's numerous shops across the UK ready for 'second chance' purchase.

Kirk Bradley, Head of Corporate Partnerships at The Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd, commented:

"We are thrilled to now be sponsoring the Cub Scouts' Environmental Conservation Activity badge through our Recycle with Michael initiative. This partnership not only actively encourages our next generation to take responsibility for their environmental actions, but also helps support the work of The Salvation Army who provide practical and emotional support to vulnerable people and tackle issues including homelessness."

"Today we live in a throw-away world where cheap 'disposable' fashion, plastic, excessive food waste, and packaging is destroying our planet on a daily basis. Add this to pollution, the increasing use of technology, and therefore electricity, and the world will shortly be a very different place. If the Cub Scout movement can engage our children in conservation efforts, and they then in turn encourage parents, siblings and peers to make just small adjustments to their daily lives, we are at least on the pathway to change. At The Salvation Army we are dedicated to making an impact through this change, so we are excited about our relationship with the Cub Scouts moving forward."

Holding Eco Badge

Giant Eco Badge

Environmental conservation now plays a vital role in the Cub Scouts movement. Youngsters wishing to obtain their unique badge must learn about and undertake activities across a broad spectrum of climate change subjects such as: actively reducing energy and water usage in their own homes and schools, studying renewable energy alternatives, and practicing responsible food/home waste recycling. They must also complete various projects including planting a tree, tidying waste land, picking litter, making a natural bird feeder, and more.

At the launch event all participating Cubs undertook these challenges, working with the Scout Adventure Team, representatives from the Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd and Epping Forest District Council. As a result, they became the first Cub Scout packs in the UK to be presented with the new Environmental Conservation Activity badge by none other than the Recycle with Michael mascot himself.

Simon Carter, Head of Media for The Scouts said:

"We are thrilled to be partnering up with the Salvation Army for the Environmental Conservation Activity badge. We have already had a significant number of Groups signed up to take part, showing what a great asset this partnership will be for our Membership, getting the chance to learn about a current issue that lots of our young people care about and equipping them with the skills to help. Our aim is to ensure all young people get the chance to gain skills for life from cooking to resilience to learning about the world around them: it all helps create better citizens for the future."

All primary school age children can get involved with the Recycle with Michael initiative. To find out more visit

Giant Eco Badge